Tuesday, December 13, 2011


    Neutron Gangrene is an idiot. Sorry, make that: Newton Gingrich is a very clever idiot. According to this indelibly fat, adulterous, pompous-without-a- cause bag of chicken lard, the Palestinian people are an "invented" group. Before we get into the logical cross-sermonizing against this type of schlemiel, let's get the gut reaction stuff out of the way: "May the world's most ravenous fornicators copulate with you, Newt, right in your mama's yard!"  
    The reason we at Philropost prefer to get the visceral attack out of the way first is because if we spent all our time countermanding the nonsense spewed forth by the enemies of sense and decency, we would have time for nothing else. Plus, it helps the thinking process when we let off a little steam.
   Okay, now we're set for reasoned argument. We assume that by "invented," that Neutron Gangrene intends to say conjured up in reaction to the formation (or reformation) of the territory now commonly thought of as Israel, a questionable premise given that no two people can appear to agree on the national border of that country, but never mind that. 
    To understand the existence of modern day Palestinians, one need only say hello to one. If further evidence is needed, one can trace their history back as far as at least the arrival and settlement of the Canaanites in 2,500 B.C.E. Canaan was that area in the Middle East that today is where western Jordan, plus most of Israel, Palestine and Lebanon sit. Around 1,200 B.C.E. a Mediterranean seafaring folk called the Philistines settled on the western seaboard of what is now Israel and the Gaza Strip. Once the Jews returned, the Philistines fought them for years, including the skirmish recounted in the story of David and Goliath. The word Philistine is the etymological predecessor of the word Palestine. Little peace has existed in the area ever since. 
    To understand the Genesis of this religious, political, geographic and economic quagmire, we have to go back (or forward) to the Old Testament days of that lovable scoundrel Abraham, a guy who simply could not keep it in his pants for anything. The story of Abraham is a bit more involved than the amusing Bob Dylan narrative leads us to believe ("God said to Abraham, kill me a son. Abe said, Man, you must be putting me on"). What the Bible says happened is that God said to Abraham, "Move, dude!" Abe packed himself up and wandered from what we now think of as Iraq to this Canaan area we mentioned earlier. God offered up this new land to Abe's offspring. That is where the murkiness begins. Two of Abe's sons were Ishmael and Isaac. The Muslims favored Ishmael, who was Abe's first-born. The Jews favored Isaac, who was supposedly less illegitimate than the son of Hagar, Abraham's second wife. The Jews took over control of Canaan in 1,200 B.C.E., naming the north Israel and the south Judea. In 721 BCE, the Assyrians and Babylonians moved in, destroyed the Jewish temple and scattered the Israelis to the winds. Judea was renamed Palestinia. Sensing that this region needed a little more religious tension, in 1099 C.E., Pope Urban II, of the Christian faith, mind you, called for the Crusades to wipe out both the Muslims and the Jews from the region. 
    Contemporary Islam came to be around 600 years after the birth of Christ, when the prophet Mohammed began getting revelations later compiled in the Koran. This religion spread quickly, growing into a power that soon controlled areas from Spain and northern Africa all the way to India. The Islamic world's dominance then declined, eventually ending with the rise of European colonialism in the 19th and 20th centuries. The Jews had no official homeland until the establishment of the state of Israel on May 14, 1948. Many Palestinians refer to the following day as "The Catastrophe." Why? Well, those same many Palestinians had been living in the region that came to be known as modern Israel, and they sought safety in Lebanon, Egypt, and the section today known as the West Bank.  Under a series of agreements signed between May 1994 and September 1999, Israel transferred to the Palestinian Authority (PA) security and civilian responsibility for many Palestinian-populated areas of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 
    Ah, but we are skipping ahead a bit. To gain a fuller understanding of the modern day Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we need to hop back to 1920 and the League of Nations, the predecessor to the United Nations. With the Turks defeated, the Ottoman Empire a thing of the past, and a post-WWI peace threatening to align itself, the League established the British Mandate for Palestine, a document with the stated purpose of establishing for the Jewish people a national home in Palestine. Once Jordan and Syria had been carved out of this area, the Jews were left with about 10,000 square miles of territory. 

    When that Kodiak imbecile Gangrene refers to an invented people, he is talking about the British Mandate of 1922, an action which in its simplest terms divided up the region along imaginary lines (as all nations are divided, if you think about it), meaning that for Gangrene's statement to be accurate, he would have needed to go on to say that the Jewish people are likewise as invented people. But that would not have gone down well with the people to whom the fat gray bastard was speaking. And if you think the answer to the question thus posed is the Jewish people, you are wrong. The answer is the fundamentalist Christians who pray nightly for war in the Middle East, a war which they believe will bring on the final days, Armageddon, the collapse of man's rule and the temporary ascension of Satan, in whose company they surely would feel more comfortable. 
    What we are saying here is that Neutron and his minions in the corporate world are all on the same side and they are all pointing their guns and cannons in the same direction: right at you, whomever you may be. Because while the Muslims and the Christians and the Jews are blowing each other to bits with the weapons of war, guess who will be profiting from the sale of these means of destruction? I am not arguing that the world's largest arms manufacturers are presently supporting Newt Gingrich. I am suggesting--strongly suggesting--that his imbecilic statement was intended to woo the support of the top defense contractors, being, in order, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, EADS, Finmeccanica, L-3 Communications, and United Technologies. All of these are global companies and global concerns. 
    There were a series of protests in London, England this past September, protests which went largely unreported in the USA, even though these demonstrations preceded the Occupy movement by only a few days. The Stop the Arms Fair Coalition in the UK called for a day of action on September 13 of this year, just four days before the start of the Occupy movement. 
    And so, however convoluted the connection, the connection between an apparently haphazard and irresponsible remark by the moment's leading GOP contender and the war against the 1% is quite real. Face it. That devil Gangrene is smiling for a reason.

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