Monday, July 27, 2015


1. How many unauthorized immigrants live in the United States?
   According to the Pew Research Center, in 2014 11.3 million unauthorized immigrants lived in the USA. Of that number, 52% (5.9 million) were from Mexico. As a whole, unauthorized immigrants account for 5.1% of the U.S. labor force. [1]

2. What is the religious make-up of the United States?
   Not all Americans wear make-up. However, if you're looking for self-identification, PEW makes it clear:
Christians account for 70%
Jews: 1.9%
Muslims: 0.9%
Atheists: 3.1%
Agnostics: 4.0%
Nothing: 15.8%

3. How do Americans view themselves regarding political party affiliation?
   39% think of themselves as Independents
   32% see themselves as Democrats
   23% are Republicans [2]

4. What is the demographic structure of the United States in 2015?
   Thirty-eight percent of the USA describe themselves as members of a minority group, with 44.4 million being Hispanic, 42 million being Black Americans, and 13.3 million being Asian Americans. 
   The median age of the U.S. population is 37.6 years. 
   More than half of the population live in one of thirty-nine urban centers. 
   Twenty-five years ago, the West and southwest were the least populace regions of the USA. Today those two regions account for 37.7% of the total population, while the Midwest, back in 1990 the most populated part of the country, declined to 19.1% [3] in 2015.

5. Do Americans only urinate in their own swimming pools, or do they do this while on vacation overseas?
   According to Travel Zoo, who polled American, British, Chinese, Canadian and German travelers on a set of eight travel faux-pas, Americans were the most egregious offenders. More Americans admitted to peeing in the pool, skipping work and leaving without paying their bill when on vacation, according to the poll.[5]

6. We Americans think of ourselves as a peace-loving people. How did we get such a contrary reputation among the rest of the world?
   The reason could be due to the USA being at war for all but seventeen years since its inception in 1776. [6]
   It could also be that even though violent crime has steadily declined in recent years, rates of gun violence remain high. On average, 33,000 Americans are killed with guns each year, and the burden of this violence falls on young people: 54 percent of people murdered with guns in 2010 were under the age of 30.3 Young people are also disproportionately the perpetrators of gun violence, as weak gun laws over easy access to guns in many parts of the country. Far too often, a gun not only takes the life of one young American but also contributes to ruining the life of another young person who pulls the trigger. [7]
   There's also the unfortunate fact that since 1976, the United States has executed 1,412 incarcerated inmates, although the annual execution rate has been steadily dropping since Bush Jr left office.[8]
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