Sunday, October 30, 2016


"The night was clear
and the moon was yellow
and the leaves came tumbling down"
    --Improvised lyric intro to "Stagger Lee"

   Davy emerged from the house's front door with a heavy sigh. His hands jammed deep into his pockets of their own volition. He felt his feet shuffling down the three uneven steps and out to the sidewalk, heavy with autumn leaves. You could see the wall from where he stood, if you bothered to look. He didn't bother.
   He hated that damned wall. It reminded him that his old home was just across the border back in the United States. Cecilia was still back there, no doubt wondering if he was all right, just as he wondered how she was holding up under the new regime. One year later--well, not quite, but close. Tonight was the end of October. Nearly a full year later and he had not heard from her since losing the coin toss. Only one of them was to leave while one was to remain behind,just in case. "Just in case" had turned out to mean the opposite of what they had hoped. 
   As the one left behind, Cecilia had taken the responsibility of luring the Fuhrer to his demise. A series of tweets promising to allow the Leader of the Free World to assault her any way he wished--it was too much for the Fuhrer to resist.
   So his Orangeness accepted the invitation to come alone across the border and to sashay his wrinkled old rotten behind up the stairs, turning left at the top and barged his way into the first bedroom on the right. "I am here so bigly!" he had shouted, just as Davy sprang out from beneath the blanket wearing a coonskin cap and a smile.
   When it was all over, Der Fuhrer had been tarred and feathered and glued to the top of the house with a long plume sticking out of his rectum. 
   And now Davy needed to get back home to undo all the treachery that this monster and others had done to his country. Cecilia was already working on things from her end. She had gathered a group of like-minded patriots together and they were already tearing down the wall, one brick at a time. 
   It would be nice getting back home.The autumn chill in southern Canada was more than Davy could stand.