Saturday, January 21, 2017


    Some people call him President. I prefer to think of him as the Ghastly Gremlin of Doom. Amid some of the most massively attended protests since the days of Civil Rights and Vietnam, where people from every continent on this planet came out to assure themselves and the rest of the world that this Ghastly Gremlin of Doom in no way represents their interests, a few whining losers bemoaned how what the protesters actually should have been doing was giving the poor bastard a chance. Meanwhile, Sean "The Spaz" Spicer was going apoplectic over the audacious media for reporting what was going on, as if his boss was locked in a battle over whose was bigger. Madonna, very much to the point, had the best response to this: "Fuck you." Give Hitler a chance to murder Jews before we try to stop him? Fuck you. Limit press coverage to nothing but Fox and Breitbart? Fuck you. Intimidate scientists by taking down their names? Fuck you. 
   I eschew profanity. It gets over done and loses its impact and all too often there are hateful aspects of it that blur the message. On the other hand, just as I refuse to abdicate the flag and God and apple pie to the bad guys, so do I decline to let bad manners be only within the purview of people for whom I have no respect.
   On occasion, and done without carelessness, I therefore reserve the right to be precise and purposeful in my use of the expletive and of the rights of famous people and all the rest of us to do the same, and so I join with Madonna in saying to the President and his lapdogs, "Fuck you."
   Ah, that feels so much better. Thank you for indulging me. 
   I do not say this entirely in the spirit of comedy. 
   We have a lot of work to do and as the streets swelled worldwide today with women and men and lots of young people who are simultaneously scared of the totalitarian proclivities of the Gremlin and thrilled to have a real voice in shouting him down, one very much got a sense of unity that I am convinced will not only protect us but actually help us thrive as we rid this country of the need for you know who.
   You may be wondering what I mean by "need." I am happy to explain.
   Racism and sexism and other forms of bigotry are used by people in power to keep us divided. Because America holds incredible diversity, the powerful have no shortage of opportunity to work us against one another. Under normal circumstances, we find it difficult to internalize the idea that rich people would exploit us, in part because some people hope to become rich very soon and eventually turn into smirking bastards themselves. It's much easier to hate the guy across the street than some invisible monarch on Wall Street. Our "need" for the Gremlin will vanish the instant we stop to realize that our neighbor has no real negative impact on our lives, while multinational CEOs have almost total control. And today those multinational CEOs were symbolized, quite properly, by the Gremlin. 
   Many protesters today took pains to say that the millions of people who turned out were not part of an anti-you know who rally. But of course, that is exactly what it was. If you are pro-choice, pro-PBS, pro-voter, pro-woman, pro-man, pro-democracy, pro-sensible gun legislation, pro-free press, pro-truth, then you want this reign of disaster, doom and dread to end before the gas chambers even get built. We cannot and we will not wait until the corporate polluters have turned us into China and the Gremlin has turned us into the Kremlin before we raise our voices and arms and shout out something in the spirit of Madonna.
    Madonna, Cher, Robert DeNiro, Michael Moore--they need no defense from me. But as many people we like get pigeon-holed into being thought of us elitists, it falls to the rest of us to tell the liar-in-chief that he himself is buck-nekked and more than a little flabby. 


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