Monday, February 26, 2018


Pro: Very kind and gentle with women, children, dogs, cats, horses  and birds.
Con: Is not super fond of reptiles, amphibians, mountain-dwelling felines and rats.

Pro: Knows more about American movies released between 1939 and 1992 than both Siskel and Ebert ever did.
Con: Will prove this point if permitted.

Pro: Extraordinarily hard worker.
Con: Wants you to know this and occasionally praise him for it.

Pro: Has memorized every popular song recorded between 1954 and 1985.
Con: Struggles to insert this knowledge into inappropriate conversations. A wop bop a lu bop a wop bam boom. 

Pro: Can learn new things quickly.
Con: Has not bothered to learn most advantageous things such as driving a stick or most other automotive niceties.

Pro: Will try any kind of new food.
Con: Obsesses over this.

Pro: Remains an excellent writer. Considers himself one of the best.
Con: Tends to snipe inappropriately at other excellent writers.

Pro: Does not smoke. He vapes.
Con: Rather intolerant of those who do smoke.

Pro: Can make damn near anybody laugh without effort.
Con: Can piss off the very same people without trying.

Pro: Has survived horrific life experiences which would have killed a normal man.
Con:  Brought many of those horrific experiences on himself.

Pro: While he eschews the label "intellectual," he is very much an analytical and critical thinker who can apply historical antecedents to contemporary scenarios.
Con: Does not  give a shit about most contemporary matters, except for the fact that he is zeroing in on sixty years of age, a fact which distresses him.

Pro: Is faithful.
Con: Remains unrealistic in expecting reciprocity in matters of the heart.

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